DPMPTSP Aceh Supports SME’s to Partner with Large Enterprises

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DPMPTSP Aceh Supports SME’s to Partner with Large Enterprises

BANDA ACEH - A meeting was held on Tuesday, August 29, 2023, by the Aceh Investment and One Stop Services Agency (DPMPTSP) to facilitate partnerships between small businesses (UMKM) and big companies, attended by representatives of several large-scale businesses operating in Aceh, such as Suzuya Mall, Indomaret, Hermes Hotel and Kyriad Hotel, as well as some small businesses that are part of the Partners-Up Program, a mentoring scheme run by DPMPTSP Aceh. 

The small businesses included EH Evy Handicraft (Craft and Fashion), Kiboy Food (processed food), King Soka (processed food), Raja Dua Bersaudara (cleaning liquid) and UD. Minyak Sereh Wangi Cap Obot (herbal product) and others, such as Brownies Sunti (brownies cake), Ata Droe (VCO), Genki Organik (spice), Zakiah (chips), Mahabbah (banana racket), KSM (Plik U spice), Nakusuka (drink/basreng) and Bima (salted egg).

Head of DPMPTSP Aceh, Marthunis, ST, DEA said that the Aceh Government was committed to helping small businesses grow and improve their performance.

He said that one of the ways to do this was to encourage partnerships between small businesses and big companies, based on mutual need, trust, benefit and support. He said that this was also in line with the Job Creation Law, which required the government to facilitate and stimulate such partnerships.

“Small businesses were vital for the economy, as they employed a large number of people. However, he also acknowledged that they faced many challenges, such as limited access to markets, technology, capital, financial management and human resources,” Marthunis said, adding that the government and other stakeholders needed to collaborate to address these issues.

The Head of Planning and Development of Investment Climate Division of DPMPTSP Aceh, Rahmadhani, M.Bus said that some of the small businesses that attended the meeting were also part of the Partners-Up Program, an annual program run by DPMPTSP Aceh. 

According to Rahmadhani that the program aimed to help small businesses transform into larger and more successful enterprises, by increasing their turnover and employment. He said that the program also provided services to selected small businesses to enable them to partner with potential investors, according to their needs and capabilities. 

He said that the services included business identification, business plan preparation, business mentoring, partner recommendation and investment prospectus preparation.

The Partners-Up Program was supported by two academics who acted as mentors for the small businesses. They were Fakhrurrazi, SE, MM and Susanti, SP, MSi.

Susanti said that small businesses had an important and strategic role in the economy. She said that they needed to be empowered and prepared for the future challenges. 

“They could also benefit from partnering with big companies, either as suppliers or customers. She said that they needed to ensure that their products were of good quality, sufficient quantity, and consistent availability,” Said Susanti. She also said that they needed to make their products attractive and appealing.

The meeting began with presentations from both sides. The big companies introduced themselves and their businesses , while the small businesses showcased their products that they hoped to sell or buy from the big companies. The products ranged from handicrafts, fashion items , processed foods , cleaning liquids , herbal products , brownies cakes , VCOs , spices, chips , banana rackets , Plik U spices , drinks/basrengs, salted eggs, etc.

The presentations also highlighted the difficulties that the small businesses faced in developing their businesses , such as market access , capital , technology , human resources , etc. The big companies gave feedbacks and suggestions on how to improve their products, packaging, marketing, and distribution strategies to meet their standards and requirements. They also expressed their interest and willingness to cooperate and partner with the small businesses in the future. The meeting was a fruitful and productive platform for both parties to establish mutual trust, benefit, and support.

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