Vision Mission

Vision Mission

The vision and mission of DPMPTSP Aceh reflect the agency's commitment to serve all investors by providing accurate information pertaining to potential investments, coordinating with related agencies and institutions, and providing fast, easy, and accurate licensing services.

The vision and mission are as follows:

VISION: To make Aceh a peaceful and prosperous province by having a clean, fair, and service-oriented government.

This vision means that DPMPTSP Aceh aims to contribute to the peace and prosperity of Aceh by ensuring that the government is clean from corruption, fair in enforcing the law and regulations, and service-oriented in meeting the needs and expectations of the public, especially the investors and businesses. By having such a government, Aceh can create a conducive investment climate that can attract more investments, create more jobs, and increase the income and welfare of the people.


- To speed up the bureaucratic reform to ensure a clean and credible government that supports the quality and equality of public service delivery.

- To develop and safeguard the production centers and the creative service industries that produce competitive products to create more jobs and provide easy access to capital.

This mission means that DPMPTSP Aceh has two main objectives: to improve the governance and to enhance the economic development of Aceh. To achieve the first objective, DPMPTSP Aceh will implement the bureaucratic reform to streamline the organizational structure, improve the human resources, simplify the procedures, and increase the accountability and transparency of the government. To achieve the second objective, DPMPTSP Aceh will promote and facilitate the investment in the priority sectors and commodities in Aceh, such as energy, infrastructure, agroindustry, tourism, and special economic zone, as well as protect and support the existing production centers and creative service industries that produce competitive products in the domestic and international markets. By doing so, DPMPTSP Aceh hopes to create more employment and income opportunities for the people, as well as to provide easy access to capital for the businesses.

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These investment incentives and scheme is specifically designed to encourage potential investors and thus reap the positive effects of foreign direct investments (FDI).

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