Samudera Kutaraja Fishing Port, Banda Aceh


Samudera Kutaraja Fishing Port, Banda Aceh

Property Description

One of the fishing ports that has a reasonably large fish production in Aceh is the Kutaraja Samudera Fishing Port which is included in the fisheries management area of WPP 572 with a status that has been overexploited for pelagic fish and fully exploited for demersal fish. PPS Kutaraja, which is located in Banda Aceh City, has a very strategic location, which connects directly with the Malacca Strait and the Indian Samudera. Besides, PPS Kutaraja is in an area close to potential fishing locations (DPI) and is directly related to international channels. Investment Opportunities: 1. A fishing vessel with a capacity of 60 GT to catch fish in the EEZ, with 70% local workforce and 30% foreign workers. 2. Block ice factory with a capacity of> 80 tons/day. 3. Fish Freezing Factory. 4. Fish canning factory. 5. Fish processing plant (nuggets, sausages etc.) 6. Seaweed processing plant. 7. Modern iodine salt factories. 8. Docking / Shipyard 9. Fibre Industry (Ships, holdings etc.) 10. Hygienic fish market 11. Fish/shrimp feed factories. 12. Floating SPBN.

Market Opportunity

The role of the port as a centre of activity and production centre for fish catches that must be fulfilled is the adequate port infrastructure and facilities. Fishery products which are commonly found in Aceh marine and PPS Kutaraja, namely: Skipjack tuna, Frigate mackerel, Layang (Roughear scad, Tuna (Yellow fin), Lemuru (Northen pilchard), Selar (Oxeye scad), Tongkol Komo (Eastern little tuna), Goats (Trigger fish), Lisong (Bullet tuna), and Sunglir / Salam Fish (Rainbow planner) with a production value of 22,247,978 kg in 2019 and 11,624,147 kg in August 2020 with the fleet used varies from 5 to 51 GT.

Financial Estimation

Total Estimate:

Quick Summary

Land Area : 52 ha
Land Status : Government of Aceh
Investment Schema : BOT (Built Operation Transfer)
Water : Available
Power : Available
Gas : Available
Road Access : Paved (Asphalted)
Port Access : 34 KM
Airport Access : 19 KM
Toll Access : 23 KM
Others :
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