Luxury Resort Development Of Alue Riyeung – Pulo Aceh, Aceh


Luxury Resort Development Of Alue Riyeung – Pulo Aceh, Aceh

Property Description

Alue Riyeung Beach is located in Pulau Nasi, with a total area of 76 hectares, with a perfectly curved white sandy shoreline for 1,68 kilometers long . The topography of the area is mostly flat, consisting coastal plains, rice fields and peats which can be used as mangrove forest for birds conservation area, Surrounding land is still owned by community. Accessibility: 30 minutes from Banda Aceh (Ulee Lheue) - Pulau Nasi (Lamteng Port and Deudap Port) by wooden pasengger boat, 60 minutes from Banda Aceh (Ulee Lheue) - Pulau Nasi (Lamteng Port) by Ro-Ro ferry, 15 minutes from Sabang - Pulau Nasi by fast boat, Paved roads, Reguler schedule from Banda Aceh (Ulee Lheue) - Pulau Nasi (Lamteng) once a day by Ro-Ro Ship. Amenities: Electricity is available, but limited in supply, 4G cellular network is available, ophtic fiber internet network is not available yet, sufficient raw water supply. Attractions: A panoramic view of the beach as well as the Kandang Kingdom Ancient Tomb Site, Rocky formation at Ujung Phey, 30 minutes to Pulau Bunta and 45 minutes to Pulau Breuh by speed boat. A turtle breeding area and Willem Torren lighthouse.

Market Opportunity

Luxury resort development : Land acquisition, Planning and design preparation (inc. FS, business concept), Basic infrastructure/construction preparation (road access, jetty, electricity supply, water, and waste management), Financing schemes, Construction of accommodation, Connectivity to nearby areas /islands hopping and Preparation on supporting activities and attractions

Financial Estimation

Total Estimate:
90 million
90 million

Quick Summary

Land Area : 10
Land Status :
Investment Schema : BOT (Built Operation Transfer)
Water : Available
Power : Available
Gas : Available
Road Access : Paved (Asphalted)
Port Access : KM
Airport Access : KM
Toll Access : KM
Others :
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