Business Matching

Business Matching

Introducing Our Business Matching Platform

What is Business Matching?

Business Matching is a specialized service designed to connect your enterprise with relevant individuals, companies, and small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) in Aceh. Under the guidance of the Aceh Investment Promotion Agency and One Stop Services, we facilitate both virtual and in-person connections tailored to your specific business interests and needs.

Our role as an intermediary is to foster and streamline business dealings, providing you with a curated list of verified companies complete with detailed product and service information and direct contacts.

Services We Offer

Our extensive business database encompasses a diverse range of industries, with numerous companies and individual business owners. We aim to align your requirements with suitable business partners, fostering mutually beneficial economic relationships.

For inquiries, feel free to chat with us online during business hours or send an email to We assure a response within 24 hours.

Expanding Your Business Horizons with Aceh

Aceh is an inviting landscape for investors and business partners, particularly in the sectors of agroindustry, energy and infrastructure, tourism, and Aceh Investment Development Zones. Our key commodities like coffee, patchouli, cacao, coconut, and palm oil hold significant economic value and potential for growth.

Leveraging its strategic position along the Strait of Malacca, Aceh boasts a productive workforce, abundant natural resources, and top-tier infrastructure. The Government of Aceh is focused on accelerating economic development and forging international partnerships.

We provide numerous business incentives, including streamlined legal and licensing processes, tax relief, and support in land acquisition. We warmly invite and encourage business collaboration and investment in Aceh.

Thank you for considering Aceh as your business destination. We look forward to facilitating your successful entry into this dynamic market.

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Starting Invest in Aceh

These investment incentives and scheme is specifically designed to encourage potential investors and thus reap the positive effects of foreign direct investments (FDI).

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