Business Matching

Business Matching


What’s business matching?

‘Business Matching’ is a customised service platform that can virtually connect your businesses with our individuals and companies or small medium enterprises (SMEs), which are under our supervision that share the same common business or interests. It is also a physical meeting service that provides an opportunity that connect more than you and the interested party. We, as the business matching services provider under the Local Government entity of Aceh Investment Promotion Agency and One Stop Services (Indonesia’s Aceh Government), act as the intermediary with the ultimate goals of trying to facilitate and liaise among our business deals or links. Being under Aceh Investment Promotion Agency and One Stop Services will ease us to find potential business partners based on the sectors you are interested in. We will provide you verified companies’ list containing general information of products and services and direct competent contact person as well. We are quite pleased to assist you with any other customized requests for your perusals.

What our businesses to offer?

Our business database has more than 000 companies and more than 000 individual business owners spanning a wide range of industries or SMEs based. We are sure that we will be matching your requirements to the right business partners that mutually economically benefit from selling goods and services. If you like to browse to our business matching services, products and potential business partner details, please click here.

Any questions, please chat with us online during our working hours or please drop us an email at We will be responding to your email(s) within 24?? hours upon receipt.

How we can help expand your future businesses?

Aceh is quite open and inviting prospected investors or business partners to work in close partnership with us with the following four major potential sectors in terms of agroindustry, energy and infrastructure, tourism and Aceh Investment Development Zones. These four sectors of agroindustry have a strong foundation to be developed. Coffee, patchouli, cacao, coconut, and palm oil are Aceh’s main commodities that have economic values.

You might be aware that the Government of Aceh has been positioning itself to become one of the leading destinations for investment in Indonesia, by leveraging its strategic location along the Strait of Malacca, productive workforce, rich natural resources and top-ranked infrastructures. Today, we are eager to catch up on economic development and strengthen partnerships with other countries and regions.

The Government of Aceh is also committed in providing several business incentives, among them are guaranteed legal process, simplified licensing procedures, eased off tax burdens and assistance in the process of land acquisition. We kindly welcome and encourage all business partners to collaborate in our business or to invest in Aceh. Thank you for your kind interest to do business with us in Aceh.

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Starting Invest in Aceh

These investment incentives and scheme is specifically designed to encourage potential investors and thus reap the positive effects of foreign direct investments (FDI).

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